Discover the benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline water is the latest craze. According to its proponents, it has many positive effects on health. But what’s really going on in the trend?

The proponents of alkaline or alkaline water attribute many positive health effects to it: It is supposed to boost the metabolism, reduce the acidity in the blood, and support the body in absorbing nutrients more quickly. The supposedly antioxidant effect of alkaline water is said to protect the cells from free radicals. Providers of alkaline water products also name diseases such as various allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, or osteoporosis, which are to be prevented or cured by alkaline water. It is assumed that many people have an acidified body, which has a negative effect on their health. This should be counteracted by drinking basic water.

What is alkaline water?

When we talk about alkaline water, we are referring to the pH level, which is the chemical measure used to classify water based on its level of acidity or alkalinity, with 0 being the highest degree of acidity and 14 being the highest level of alkalinity. This classification was unknown to the public until a few years ago because it was found that drinking water with a pH that tends to alkalinity was much better for people.

With its pH of 9.4, it is one of the most alkaline waters in the world, but also more natural. The reason for this is that for water to be alkaline, it has undergone an ionization process that allows the acidity of the water to be separated and, in the case of Alcasana, this ionization occurs naturally, due to the high concentration of bicarbonate of sodium and other minerals that are in the springs from which it is extracted.

What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?

It promotes healthy digestion

Drinking alkaline water promotes detoxification and prevents the re-accumulation of pollutants in the body. Various diseases can be prevented by removing toxins.

It is highly recommended for chronic diarrhea, upset stomach, gastrointestinal disorders, and constipation.

This water also aids in the digestion of food and neutralizes the acidified stomach, the main cause of gastritis and gastric ulcers.

Prevents diseases

In the long run, the consumption of alkalized water can prevent illnesses, for example, the following.

Diabetes, asthma, dermatitis, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, Meniere’s disease, sleep disorders, obesity, back pain, neuralgia, menopausal symptoms, hemorrhoids, chronic amoebic dysentery, and others.

Prevents premature aging

The accumulation of toxins in your body slows down cell renewal, which can lead to premature aging.

Alkalized water promotes detoxification of your body and then increases the oxygen uptake of the cells, which can counteract early signs of aging.

It also combats free radicals, which are the cause of many diseases and promote faster aging.

Combats water retention

As already mentioned, the regular consumption of this water then helps to cleanse the body and removes pollutants and excess acids.

Toxins affect your health and can cause problems like water retention.

Since a balance of the pH value in your body is promoted, the cells no longer have to hold back liquids in order to fight against acidity.

This will boost your circulation.

Prevents osteoporosis

Drinking alkaline mineral water promotes the flushing out of solid deposits such as uric acid and kidney stones with the urine.

This helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, as this releases calcium that was previously bound in said deposits. The pH of your blood will recover.

How do you make alkaline water?

In general, it is advisable to buy effervescent tablets to alkalize the water. Another option is to own machines that can convert tap water into alkaline water.

However, since these two options are not accessible to many people, we would like to present 3 home remedies for the production of alkaline water.

Method number 1

For this variant, you need two vessels. Fill one of them with water and pour it into the other empty container from a great height. Repeat this process several times, because watering creates bubbles in the water, which alkalize it well after about eight or more rounds.

The water you use usually has a pH of 7.2. This method raises that value by 0.5 percent, which is still not much but is enough to alkalize your body.

Method number 2

The second option is to boil the water for five minutes and alkalize it at home. After this period, the pH usually increased from 7.2 to 8.4.

This value is enough to balance your acid-base balance. Some recommend drinking the water hot, but it still forms a base after cooling.

Method number 3

The last home remedy for making alkalized water is to dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water.

This increases the pH of the water from 7.2 to 7.9. To be considered basic, water should have a pH above 7.3. If the pH increases further, the basic effect is also higher. But you shouldn’t exaggerate.

Other ways to alkalize the body

You can also do this through food. For example, fruits, vegetables, and leafy salads contain much more minerals than water, even ionized water.

Minerals from food can be better used by the body than dissolved in water.

Many plant foods also contain antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, which effectively protect the cells against free radicals. If a person’s body is actually over acidified, this is mostly due to a permanently unhealthy diet and the fact that we drink too little water. In addition to the food, this is important to remove the waste products in the body. Simply drinking basic water is not enough. In order to neutralize free radicals, one should rather rely on a balanced diet and pure water.

Alkaline water: If so, drink only sparingly

If you still want to test whether alkaline water benefits your body, you should only drink it in small quantities. A so-called water ionizer that alkalises water costs quite a bit, so the purchase is not worth it for everyone. Instead, there are basic active water concentrates, which are more advantageous for the duration of a temporary treatment, for example. However, continuous consumption of undiluted basic water is not advisable.

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