The 10 Best Water Alkalizers to buy in 2020

Choosing the right alkaline water machine might turn out to be very tricky. The reason being there are so many of them available each better than the others. To solve this problem below mentioned are the 10 best water alkalizers with great value for money. This list will cover the entire alkaline water machine that is fit for homes, workplaces, and even traveling purposes.

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0:

Air Water Life Aqua is one of the finest alkaline water machines that can provide water with the pH level anywhere between 4 to 11 alkaline. This machine also has the potential to fight antioxidants with an ORP of -800 to +1000. This machine is equipped with 7 water settings that can be applied as per requirements. 4 of the ionized alkaline are always variable, 2 non-ionized are purified and the last 2 are ionized with acid presets. The ionizers play a very prominent role in every alkaline water machine. Air-water Life Aqua ionizer comes with 7 types of advanced platinum coating and also titanium.

Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionizer:

This machine is one of the most advanced water alkaline machine which comes with two combinational features. The machine can work as both an alkaline water ionizer as well as a hydrogen water dispenser. The Tyent Alkaline machine comes with high technical features such as a touch screen enabling user’s clean purified water with a simple touch. This machine can automatically fix the right quantity and comes with a filter replacement unit at the front. Not all machines can fight suspended solids above 1 to 5-micron capacity. This machine can fight these entire suspended solid that is above 1 to 5 micron such as mud and sand.

Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water Ionizer:

Pure Hydration Ionizer machines are one of the most technologically advanced machines that can fight 99.9% of the germs and keep homes and workplaces healthy. This machine is quite affordable and easily available in stores and e-commerce websites. The machine has the capability of easily removing over 220 contaminates present in water. The machine is equipped with mercury and leads to keep water at the best state at all times. Having a high content of molecular oxygen makes this machine very suitable for every home and workplace. It is believed that molecular oxygen is one of the most prominent antioxidants required for our body.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0:

This is one of the most affordable machines in the list having some of the finest features. The machine can produce water between 4.5 to 11 pH; this is a great value as compared to the price of the machine. There are 7 healthy water selections- 4 are ionized alkaline which is continuously variable, 1 of it is non-ionized and the last two are ionized. The machine builds active carbon having the capacity to purify around 1585 gallons which are very satisfactory. This machine is also quite portable and can be moved easily.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe:

This is one water alkaline machine that is equipped with a vanguard plaintiff plate. This coating technology is available in very few machines keeping the cost factor in mind. This machine has 7 healthy water settings and can produce water with alkaline pH anywhere between 3 to 11.5. it has a carbon water filter that is built-in having the capacity to clean 1585 gallons of water.

Tyvent UCE-11 Water Ionizer:

Tyvent is one of the most prominent brands in the water purifying industry. This machine is one of the most features packed in a size that is unbelievable. It features the hydrogen cost technology and can clear more than 200 contaminate present in water. This machine comes with a dual filter having more efficiency than any regular water purifying machines. It has a dial control function and comes with a touch screen too.

Apec Top Tier water Alkaline Machine:

Apec Top Tier water purifying machine has added minerals to give water pure results. The machine uses the reverse osmosis process to keep the water safe at the highest levels. This machine has an enormous capacity to produce around 75 gallons of water per day. This machine once set up can keep you rest assured as it requires filter replacement annually.

Ispring RCC1Up-AK Water Alkaline Machine:

This machine from ispring is packed with highly equipped booster pumps that operate with minimal noise. The machine has the capacity of clearing sediments that are up to 0.0001 microns. The RO membrane can deliver 100 gallons of water per day which is way more than any other machine. The ultraviolet sterilizer present in this machine uses 11W power to remove all bacteria and germs.

IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757:

If you were to choose this water ionizer, then you could regulate the pH level, so that it is somewhere between 4.5 and 11. Depending on your individual preferences, you may also proceed to adjust the antioxidant value of the water. In order to complete the ionizing process of the water, the unit utilizes platinum-finished titanium electrolysis plates.
Additionally, thanks to the machine’s 7-color LCD display, you can choose from the seven available pH levels, and do that easily.

After each use, the unit undergoes a routine 10-second electrolysis cleaning cycle. This ensures that your water is safe to drink. In regard to the construction of the unit, the ion membrane filter is made from non-toxic, temperature-resistant material. In order to provide a range of water qualities, the ionizer incorporates distinct filter life settings. However, some users deal with frustrating issues concerning the adjustment of the strength levels of the water.

Tyent Edge Water Ionizer:

This is one of the most affordable machines by Tyent that comes with platinum titanium plates and has an updated faucet system. The water outlet is designed to provide 360 degrees dispensing. The machine is quite popular for its slim design that can be fit anywhere in homes and workplaces. This machine has a front filter opening which is very easy for maintenance purposes. The machine comes with a very colorful LED screen that helps to dispense water with just a touch. The machine can produce water having alkalinity between 11pH to 12pH which is satisfactory and very safe for homes. The design of the machine is well sorted out providing elegance to the kitchen.


Water alkalizer is very prominent for every home these days with the rise in the pandemic. All 10 water alkaline machines mentioned above are the best in providing pure and freshwater very safe for your family.

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